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NEW: find GamePoint Bingo at www.facebook.com/bingo!

Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 11:28

A little over a year ago, some members of the community management at GamePoint started a project on Facebook. A generic page where fans of all bingo games could come and discuss their love of the game. After organically growing this page to over thirty thousand people we locked down the best bingo url possible www.facebook.com/bingo.

New url
Today, we have merged our Bingo app fanpage with over 300.000 fans with this generic bingo page, in the process making sure that typing in www.facebook.com/bingo in your browser always brings you to the best bingo app out there. This move is part of GamePoint’s long standing strategy of ensuring that users know that there’s just one place to be for synchronous multiplayer social games: GamePoint.

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Meet GamePoint at GDC Europe and Gamescom

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 14:08

The end of August brings us two major back to back gaming conferences, both held in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany.  GamePoint will attend both conferences and is looking forward to meet you there.

GDC Europe
It all starts at the KoelnMesse with GDC Europe on August 19. The two day conference will gather leading industry speakers and companies from every aspect of the gaming scene.  GamePoint will be there attending sessions both days.

August 21, Gamescom will kick off at the same venue. The floor will open for the general public on August 22nd and around 300,000 people will attend to find out about the latest developments in the gaming industry. Want to talk business with GamePoint? We have reserved a private meeting room to get away from the busy floor.

GamePoint develops and publishes realtime multiplayer socials games. GamePoint games are being discovered by a rapidly expanding audience on GamePoint’s own properties, Facebook and partner sites. Entertaining millions of players every day in 12 languages has become daily business for the company.

Our Partners
GamePoint has acquired a number of partners along the way. Among these are various gaming portals (SPIL Games, AOL’s games.com), Social networks (Facebook, Lokalisten, VZ Networks, Hyves) and big media partners (Amazon, RTL media, Sanoma Media, Axel Springer).

Together these partners drive thousands of players to GamePoint’s games. From there the games will make sure our partners traffic is entertained for hours at end. This results in great monetization of traffic and 30+ month customer lifetime for paying players.

Meet with us!
So you have traffic you want to keep engaged and monetize? Look no further! GamePoint will show you how to do this. Follow in the footsteps of the world’s biggest brands and integrate our games. Just drop us a line at [email protected] to set up a meeting at Gamescom in Cologne. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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GamePoint at Casual Connect San Francisco

Monday, June 10, 2013 at 10:00

From 30 July until 1 August the casual gaming industry will gather at the Hilton San Francisco. GamePoint will also be there as Gold Sponsors of the event. Our company’s growing user base in the U.S. territory and finding the right partners to grow this even further will be the main focus of our attendance in San Francisco. And of course we are looking forward to find out about all the newest developments within the social gaming industry.

GamePoint Games
GamePoint operates as a developer and publisher of real time multiplayer social games. Our games are available on our own portals, Facebook and other partner websites. GamePoint games have a customer lifetime of over 30 months for paying users. Combine this with an average session time of over 130 minutes and you’ll find that our games are unique in the industry. Keeping your traffic engaged is what our games do best.

Meet with GamePoint
We are always looking for traffic partners that can help us grow our user base in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese speaking markets.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a mail on [email protected] or just hop by our booth in the Gold Sponsor area.

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GamePoint’s Dutch Community knows how to party

Friday, May 31, 2013 at 17:31

At GamePoint we are proud to host millions of players in our games every month. The only downside of being an online company is that we rarely get the chance to meet our players face to face. To meet some of the amazing people that take part in our Dutch community we decided to throw a big party at a Beach club near our Dutch HQ in The Hague. There we found out our players not only know how to have fun online, they also know how to party in real life!



This Picture shows you some of the GamePoint staff just before the party is going to take off. Still unaware of what is going to happen in a few hours’ time.


Our team at the registration desk was smiling all day registering a total of 120 party people.


Everybody got a chance to speak with their favorite GamePoint employee for a while. Of course Ivo enjoyed a lot of attention by the ladies.


MC Rik got the party started. Leave your walking aid behind and get on the floor was the message. And so it happened.


Bingo Master Marti-Jin started the bingo and made sure everything went fair and square. Eventually player Speelgoed1 won an iPad mini.

5 (2)

Here you see MC Rik in disbelief that there is really an iPad mini up for grabs.


Time for some food! The grill was lit and the chefs worked very hard to make sure there was enough food.


Before you knew everybody was enjoying a nice meal to prepare for some real partying later that night!


Dinner was followed by some drinks. And before you knew the party was started.


Piggyback rides all around the club.


People were dancing on the tables shaking their tail feather like never before.


The GamePoint Spring party was such a success, some people couldn’t stay on their feet!

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