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Bingo by GamePoint launches on iPhone and iPod touch

Monday, December 22, 2014 at 13:23

Today GamePoint announced it has launched the mobile version of its hit social game GamePoint Bingo exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. It can be found in the iTunes store under the name Bingo by GamePoint where it joins a version for iPad that has been in open Beta for several months. By combining traditional bingo gameplay with state-of-the-art social features including mass 500+ player chat and cross-game private messaging, Bingo by GamePoint recreates the lively atmosphere found in real bingo halls across the world on your mobile device.

Bingo by GamePoint is a mobile social bingo game, where players simultaneously play up to fifteen bingo cards. “Our aim has always been offering a close simulation of the real bingo hall experience. Doing that on mobile has been a challenge resulting in over 2 years of development. With the help of a group of very fanatical GamePoint Bingo players (thanks all!), we’ve managed to integrate almost all features the game has on web, while still presenting it in a package that makes sense on a mobile phone,” says Amon Endt, CEO at GamePoint. “Admittedly, development took a bit longer than we had anticipated, but we feel that the product profited immensely from the time we put in.”

Some unique features in Bingo by GamePoint

  • Authentic Bingo gameplay (no crazy power-ups or arcade type mechanics)
  • Synchronous mass chat (up to 500 people per room, cross room private chat, cross game private chat) which resizes cards when opened, which allows for simultaneous chat AND gameplay
  • An established, heavily engaged community of people that met, formed friendships, fell in love and even had children based on GamePoint Bingo’s chat and interaction
  • Multiple prizes per card per user (Won a line? Game’s not finished. You might also win another prize or even prizes)
  • Cross room, cross region Jackpot rounds (SuperBingos), that trigger after a pot is filled by users in dozens or even hundreds of rooms simultaneously

“Our hope is that users that now play our game on GamePoint.com or on Facebook canvas will find the time to play Bingo by GamePoint when they’re on the road or find themselves without a PC. By connecting with Facebook, users can easily find their friends, exchange gifts and share their Bingo experiences with others,” according to Rik Haandrikman, Director of Business Development. “We’re confident that our current players will be able to experience all facets of the game they know and love on a new platform, while new players will find Bingo by GamePoint a truly unique bingo experience on a mobile phone. We’re looking forward to continuing development of our first true mobile game with our players and partners worldwide.”

Bingo by GamePoint is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at www.appstore.com

About GamePoint
Founded in 1998, GamePoint is the leading synchronous multiplayer social game developer. Its focus on multiplayer gameplay and community building has resulted in a tight-knit community of millions that spend billions of minutes every month playing GamePoint’s games on a wide variety of platforms. Best

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GamePoint reaches 10 million active registration milestone

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 17:02

THE HAGUE, Nov 5, 2014 – GamePoint, one of the world’s leading synchronous multiplayer social game developers, reached their 10 million active registration milestone today following several months of exceptionally strong performance for their flagship titles GamePoint Bingo and Royaldice both on Facebook canvas and their own website www.gamepoint.com

“We couldn’t be more proud of reaching this milestone” said Rik Haandrikman, Director of Business Development, GamePoint. “With over half of those 10 million active registered users originating in the last 2 years, we’ve seen more players discovering our games now than in any other time during our 16-year existence. The rigorous product improvements of the last year or so are definitely paying off both in terms of players and financially. The latter is especially interesting, because it has allowed us to go on a bit of a recruiting drive which has seriously beefed up our talent pool. We expect GamePoint’s launches in the next couple of quarters to turn some heads.”

With sizable playerbases in over a dozen countries and a razorsharp focus on community and conversation, GamePoint games are a hotbed of human interaction with friendships and relationships popping up frequently. “We feel that the fact that we give players a place to connect to others on a human level makes us stand out from the crowd. We’re about more than just playing a game: We’re about building relationships,” according to Amon Endt, CEO. That all that relationship building pays off, is shown best by checking out GamePoint’s chart-topping engagement numbers with average time spent per day per active user at 92 minutes.

A series of improvements made to the GamePoint suite of social (casino) games over the last year or so has proven very successful in increasing that engagement even further. “We had two missions going into this latest series of changes,” according to Bob Christof, Director of Game Development: “We wanted to increase time spent and we wanted to further leverage our relationship with Facebook by improving on our integration with their platform. The latest registration bump is definitely due to that focus on using the organic discovery channels the Facebook platform offers”.

GamePoint Bingo is available for free on Facebook on http://apps.facebook.com/bingooo, on the GamePoint portal http://www.gamepoint.com/bingo and Apple iPad. A launch on iPhone is slated for Q4 of 2014 and Android will follow shortly after.

About GamePoint
GamePoint is a leading developer of synchronous multiplayer social games, which include top performing web and mobile games such as GamePoint Bingo, Cardparty and Royaldice. GamePoint games are played by millions of people around the world through the GamePoint.com portal, Facebook, Apple iOS, Google Android and many partner websites. GamePoint is headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands. Learn more about GamePoint at https://www.gamepoint.biz.

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GamePoint Launches GamePoint Poker on Facebook

Monday, July 21, 2014 at 19:18

GamePoint Launches GamePoint Poker on Facebook; Expands Social Casino Offering With Popular Card game

GamePoint Poker Available Today Exclusively on Facebook and GamePoint.com

facebook_header_poker (1)

THE HAGUE, Jul. 21, 2014 – GamePoint, one of the world’s leading synchronous multiplayer social game developers, today expands its range of social casino games with the launch of GamePoint Poker, a new web based card game. GamePoint Poker is available today exclusively on GamePoint.com and Facebook worldwide. GamePoint Poker joins the suite of GamePoint social casino games including GamePoint Bingo and Royaldice.

“We’re proud of this latest addition to our suite of social casino games. After extensive testing by some of our most committed GamePoint players on our own portals, we feel we’re ready to present GamePoint Poker to the world by launching it on Facebook canvas. GamePoint has always been a strong player in the synchronous multiplayer and social casino spaces. Poker was a bit of a no-brainer, but we wanted to do it right. With GamePoint Poker, I feel we’ve created something that our players will love,” said Rik Haandrikman, Director of Business Development, GamePoint.

Where Las Vegas style casino Poker has been done often, GamePoint Poker offers an experience that closely resembles the way most people play Poker in day to day life: with friends. A truly social experience that aims to cultivate interpersonal relationships, GamePoint Poker follows a rich tradition of GamePoint games where communicating and getting to know your fellow players takes center stage. The use of Facebook Connect gives players the opportunity to find their friends and will power future seamless multiplayer across multiple devices.

GamePoint Poker is the most social Poker game available allowing players to engage in conversation, build connections and form friendships in a frictionless, natural fashion. The game invites players to interact over an exciting and visually-stunning game of cards where playing is more important than winning. Native Facebook functionality including gifting, sharing and cross platform login compliments the innate high retention of multiplayer gaming and makes for a game that has proven to be incredibly sticky, keeping players in the Beta glued to the game for an average of close to two hours a day.

The inclusion of Facebook-owned Parse for ingame tracking and CRM purposes preludes deeper integration in a mobile version of GamePoint Poker expected later this year.

GamePoint Poker is available for free on Facebook on http://apps.facebook.com/gppoker, on the GamePoint portal http://www.gamepoint.com/poker and is coming soon to Apple iPad. The GamePoint Poker community can be found via Facebook on the GamePoint Poker fan page https://www.facebook.com/PokerGP

More details on the development and philosophy behind GamePoint Poker will be shared during the ‘Merits of Multiplayer’ talk held by GamePoint Director of Business Development – Rik Haandrikman and Director of Game Development – Bob Christoff at Casual Connect San Francisco on Wednesday July the 23th.

About GamePoint

GamePoint is a leading developer of synchronous multiplayer social games, which include top performing web and mobile games such as GamePoint Bingo, Cardparty and Royaldice. GamePoint games are played by millions of people around the world through the GamePoint.com portal, Facebook, Apple iOS, Google Android and many partner websites. GamePoint is headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands. Learn more about GamePoint at https://www.gamepoint.biz


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Meet us at Casual Connect SF 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 13:59

From July 22 till July 24 of 2014, the entire casual gaming industry will travel to the stunningly beautiful San Francisco Bay area for another edition of Casual Connect. In good tradition GamePoint will attend the event as Platinum Sponsors. We will setting up shop in the main hall with our sponsor booth and invite you to come over for a chat. We will be able to tell you all about GamePoint’s unstoppable international growth and the areas where we are looking for partners to join us for the journey.

At Casual Connect we will be looking for partners that can help us accelerate growth in the mobile space, as well as partners that can drive users to our web applications or even want to include our content on their web properties.

Naturally Casual Connect is also about learning. That’s why we will be hosting multiple sessions at the conference to share stories about our success and our mistakes. Feel free to join the discussion, follow Casual Connect’s website at casualconnect.org to find out exact times and topics closer to the event. Also if you are a speaker at the event, GamePoint will be hosting a speakers dinner where everybody will get the chance to share stories with fellow speakers and of course enjoy some nice food and beverages.

Want to schedule a meeting? Contact us at [email protected] .

See you in San Francisco!


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