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GamePoint’s Director of Lunch tames ferocious orange lion

Friday, June 1, 2012 at 10:11

Yesterday afternoon all of GamePoint’s employees got startled by a loud roar in their office. A roar so loud that I even heard one of our French employees scream “oolala”.

I looked up and there it was, a giant orange Lion. We were face to face for a moment and it looked me in the eye. Not quite sure how to react to these kind of office jungle situations, I tried my best to remain calm. Luckily something else caught the lion’s attention and it ran off in the direction of our lunch room.

When the lion got to our lunch room it encountered the brave mrs. Zoutenbier, our Director of Lunch. Without ever showing a second of doubt she approached the lion and tempted the animal with her delicious food. Before you knew the animal was in a “calm submissive state” and the threat was gone.

So as of today GamePoint has their own domesticated lion. Just in time for the European Football championships. The Lion, who received the name ‘Leeuwerik’ as a pet name, will be our official mascot during the tournament.


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