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GamePoint Team performs better than expected at the SDU Business Run 10K race!

Monday, May 14, 2012 at 11:19

Last Sunday, on the 13th of May an enthusiastic group of GamePoint employees started a 10 km race in The Hague. The weather conditions were sunny and some would even refer to the weather as being ‘hot’. Luckily all of us showed up well trained, rested and somewhat prepared. Apart from one of the technicians showing up in his favorite pair of jeans, stating: ‘This is what I trained in as well…’

The race took everybody through the much demanding urban terrains of The Hague, as well as the forests of ‘Haagsche Bos’. Along the route we had to beware of parked cars, domestic pets crossing the road and even the occasional birds flying at a low altitude. Luckily there was an abundance of people cheering us on. And I think the writer of this article must have given high fives to at least a couple dozen children that acknowledged him as a true GamePoint all star athlete.

The end result was satisfying to everybody that competed in the team, as all of us finished under the 1h10 mark. The fastest time being an amazingly fast 44m32! Though it wasn’t enough to claim a spot on the podium, everybody was very satisfied with their performance. Even Carlos, the company dog looked proud as he rested in the sun thinking: ‘It’d rather be you than me running that race today!’

Check out the pictures below to see GamePoint’s finest runners!

All star team


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