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GamePoint breaks one million daily minutes played in France

Friday, August 24, 2012 at 12:33

On the 22nd of August our French users spent a total of 1.004.851 in the GamePoint games. A very rewarding sign of appreciation for our efforts by our French community. Hard work by our team has increased daily played minutes from 198.112 on 22 June, through 570.634 on 22 July, all the way through the 1M milestone on the 22nd of August.

This increase in players and played minutes has brought some busy days upon our French community manager Loïse. Hundreds of new Facebook friends, thousands of French people playing the games and now more than a million played minutes. When we asked her to comment on the situation she was even too busy to give a reply! Luckily after some perseverance I managed to record her giving the following statement: “It’s really nice to see the community grow so fast, players always have an opponent to play with and friends to talk to. They love the games and every day I do my best to give them a little bit of love back. ” Quickly after this she was already speaking French again and we had to leave her alone, determined to handle the following million minutes played.

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